Search for schools by ecotype in or around the Park River Watershed near Hartford, CT.

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Below are the descriptions and color identifications for each school:

Blue) Water or wetland adjacency includes school grounds are within walking distance of a river, brook, or pond. This increases opportunity for water quality monitoring, environmental research and stream stewardship.

Purple) Environmental themes include school curriculum prioritizes natural sciences, which increases potential for local environmental research and stewardship.

Green) A nature trail, park, or open space within walking distances indicates opportunities for classroom or extra curricula site specific (environmental activities).

Yellow) Science themes that could include topics such as medicine or technology that are not focused on the natural environment.

Red) STEM schools are schools that concentrate on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Visualization by Shaina Lo and Veronica Armendariz, DataViz at Trinity College based on Searchable Map Template by Derek Eder. View data source from SmartChoices -- Watershed data from UCONN Magic.